Monday, May 5, 2008

Welcome Sheba!

Welcome to my new furry friend, Sheba!
I've only had her a few hours, but she has already stolen my heart. Sheba has adjusted very well and is making my home her own. She is curious about all the new sounds, sights and smells and she's quite the mouser.
She is EXTREMELY affectionate and I would definitely have to classify her as a lap cat. We're enjoying some bonding time now. Makes it a bit tough to type this out on my laptop, though:)
Isn't she sweet? And just look at that precious spot on her nose!
If you know of anyone who may be looking to adopt a cat, Sheba would make a perfect pet!


Dirkey said...

awe I want her! :) said...

awe soooooooooo cute! (-:

mama k said...

what a sweetie! how nice that you can give her some lovin until she finds a new home. :)