Monday, May 5, 2008

New Addition!

It has been a very lonely few weeks in my house without my "Copper" around :( So, now that the overwhelming grief period is over and I've experienced the joys of mice, I finally signed up to be a foster parent to a cat. I get my first foster cat tonight and I'm so excited that I'll have a furry friend again.

She is a 9-month old female calico named Sheba. It's actually a bit eerie because my aunt had a calico cat named Sheba...WEIRD!!! She just got spayed last week so I'm not exactly sure what to expect, but I'm still excited. I hear that she is very lovable, my favorite kind:) When I get her, I'll post pics and a little more about the organization.

1 comment: said...

congrats on your new visitor to your home. I think that is more of a furry visitor that you want to come to your home instead of the little mice. (-: ( An that takes care of the other visitors. (-: )
So we have to get together soon. OK! (-: