Wednesday, October 29, 2008

They did it!!!

Congratulations to the Philadelphia Phillies, our 2008 World Series Champions!!!
I work in Center City Philadelphia and I'm looking forward to going to work tomorrow because I'm sure that the atmosphere will be electric. And even more exciting is that the parade on Friday will be going right past my office, so I'm looking forward to attending that as well. What an exciting time for Philadelphia and what a cool experience to be in the thick of it all!!!

Wordless Wednesday - My boys

Since I can't seem to get in gear with posting to my blog, here's a Wordless Wednesday for you.

For those of you who know about "B", this is an interesting picture since he's ALLERGIC TO CATS!!! The two cats are my current ~6-month-old fosters, named Colby (all black) and Pepperjack (a little white on neck and belly).

If I could keep Colby and Pepperjack, I totally would, but they make "B" sneeze (sniff, sniff). If you know of anyone looking for a couple wonderful, loving, fun, and entertaining cats, please drop me a note.

Join in the fun on this Wordless Wednesday!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Good thing I'm not superstitious!

I've never been very superstitious and, after the crazy events of today, it's a good thing!

So, "B" and I ordered our wedding bands a couple months ago and they came arrived a few weeks ago. We've been very busy and so were finally planning on picking up the wedding bands today. Well, that's where the craziness begins!!!

To set the scene, the jeweler is on "Jeweler's Row" in Center City Philadelphia, which is about a 50 minute drive from my house (on a weekend, that is). We headed out in the late morning with the plan to hopefully be back in the afternoon and get the chance to relax. HA! We arrived at the jeweler and they couldn't get the lock on their drawer to work. As chance would have it, we were the first customers that arrived to pick up anything and the key just kept spinning in the lock. Well, after our 50 minute 1-way drive, we were a bit hesitant to just leave. Especially since we really can only make it into Philly once every other week (when "B" visits me). So, I explained this to one of the ladies and she suggested that they could mail us the rings. Although I appreciate that gesture of trying to make things easier...was she seriously thinking that we would go along with that?!? I said absolutely not, we were not about to pay the balances on the rings until we were sure they fit. So, we left our names and my cell # so they could call us when they got the drawer open.

Hoping beyond all hope it wouldn't take too long to accomplish, "B" and I headed outside the city to a mall about 1/2 hour drive away, had a late lunch, then ran a couple other errands, then called the jeweler to check the status (since we hadn't heard anything). They still didn't have the lock open so we decided to just head back to my house, still hoping that we might be able to pick up the rings today. Oh, I forgot to mention that, when "B" was paying for lunch, the lady ahead of him was paying with her credit card and her card wasn't working. Not typically a big deal but, with all the other crazy things of the day, it was just par for the course.

We headed home, relaxed for about 1/2 hour or so, then we got the call from the jeweler. Draw was open, but now we only had 1-1/2 hours before they close for the day and we had a 50 minute drive ahead of us. So, we hopped in the car and headed on our way. We got to parking garage and, you're not going to believe this...the ticket machine read "OUT OF ORDER". Well, we had just been there earlier in the day, so I pushed the "help" button and a lady came out to help get us a ticket so we could get into the garage. Now, remember, this whole time the clock is ticking and it gets closer and closer to closing time for the jeweler. UGH! About 10 minutes or so later, the lady gets the machine working and we park.

We could only imagine that the next problem would be for the rings to not fit but believe it or not, they fit perfectly (yeah!) We got the rings, went back to the parking garage and there were like 30 people there trying to leave at the same time!!! I'm NOT kidding! By that time, we were just wanting to get out of the city and home safely. Well, we did but not without a little scare on the roadways with some traffic that stopped suddenly, then a tractor trailer that was leaking rocks right onto my windshield. So, we get home, walk through the door and what do we smell, but NATURAL GAS!!! So, I shut off the gas to my stove, let some air through the house, then successfully re-lit the pilots and all is now safe.

What a WILD day! I'm so glad it's over and extremely thankful that we were at least able to get our rings. One more thing to check off the wedding "to do" list.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

I've seriously been out of bloggy-touch lately due to a very busy schedule that hasn't made it possible for me to "play" on the computer. I'm finally coming out of it a little, so will hopefully get back on track. In the meantime, I thought I'd post a Wordless Wednesday that's just plain adorable!
This is one of "B's" best man's golden retriever puppies...notice the tongue! He's about 4 months old in this picture that was taken during our vacation the last week of August.

Join in the fun on this Wordless Wednesday!