Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pandora's Box?

DH noticed a trend recently...the use of "Pandora" as a brand name. He asked me "why would a company want their brand to be named "Pandora", isn't Pandora's box a bad thing?" While I don't know the answer to this question, I have found a bit of Pandora to be an added joy in my life. It's Pandora radio!

I heard about this quite some time ago, but was reminded of it in a recent discussion with my uncle. So I decided to finally check it out and I just LOVE it!!! If you're not familiar, it's free online radio that is created to your own personal taste. You can even create multiple radio stations if you like. I like to listen to music softly while I'm working at home but with any radio station (whether on line or on the TV) I always have to choose a specific genre. With Pandora, I've been able to create a station for me, which includes many genres, consisting of only songs and artists that I like. If a song comes on that I don't like, I just give it a thumbs down and it won't come up again.

Try it...it's fun!