Monday, October 4, 2010

My new favorite for baby gifts

In late Spring 2009, I tried crocheting my first real stuffed animal as part of a gift for a colleague's baby. I have since crocheted 4 more stuffed animals and I have more fun making them every time.

Traditionally I have crocheted blankets; however, as life gets more hectic I've found sometimes it's easier to get the stuffed animals done. They're quick, easy, and oh so cute! I still do some blankets, but the animals are a nice addition to the arsenal. So far, I've crocheted...

Wesley the Elephant (my first)
Lourdes the HippoNestor Lochland
Amigurumi Turtle
And, the cutest froggie in the world

I have to give a shoutout to my hubby...him buying me a pattern book of stuffed animals is what got me started (the first of the 3 listed above are from that book). He took care in picking out a book that he really thought I'd love and would use and he did a fantastic job!