Friday, May 2, 2008

Frugal Friday - brown bag it


My Frugal Friday tip is a quickie that most of us know, but many times either get too busy or plain forget to actually implement...bringing a "brown bag" lunch to work.

Brown bagging it can save loads of $$$, especially if you work in an expensive area. I work in Center City Philadelphia where the average salad can costs ~$10!!! I'm typically very good about packing my snacks but I've gotten a little lazy about packing my lunch. So now I'm on a mission to pack a lunch at least 4 days of the work week...I'll allow myself a "treat" on the other day.

In addition to the $$$ savings, when you pack your lunch you'll find that you will eat healthier. You have greater control over portion size and content which for me are the 2 biggest factors to maintaining my weight and eating healthy. So, if you work outside the home don't forget to pack your lunch.

And thanks to Dirkey for her Frugal Friday favorite so far. I, too, have been on missions trips and have seen the unthinkable, but I find myself constantly slipping back into the daily humdrum of life and forgetting the emotional impact of seeing people who literally have nothing. Thanks for the reminder Dirkey!

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