Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Tall & the Small

Today, as usual, I took a walk at lunch. I was walking at my usual brisk pace when I noticed a man up ahead. He was absolutely ENORMOUS. Not too much overweight, just incredibly tall. At my slight height of 5'0", most everyone is tall. But this guy must have been pushing 8 feet tall! As I got closer, I noticed that my nose came up to about his waist and the tops of his legs were probably at about my shoulder. As I was walking next to him for a minute or so, I realized how funny it must have looked with the two of tall and one small. What struck me as even crazier is that, even with his legs being about twice as long as mine, I still passed him!!!

So it got me thinking about how we all see the world a little differently, from our own perspectives. When I climb on a stepladder or a chair, I get to see the world from a tall person's eyes...the physical anyways. So I thought how much different the world must look from the eyes of a "giant". Just a little food for thought.

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