Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mmmmm, flowers

Although I can't take credit for 99% of the flowers in our yard (they were planted by the prior owners), I do get 100% of the pleasure in nurturing them, watching them grow, cutting a few for the house, and enjoying the wonderful aroma of some. I'm planning a few changes to our floral abundance:
  1. Thin out the irises that are starting to take over the yard.
  2. Move around some of the daffodils...some clumps are too much, others too sparse, and I'd like to make them juuussst right.
  3. Thin out one of my climatis plants...it's downright unruly!
  4. And next year I'll corral in our lovely peonies so they don't fall over.

But for now, I thought I'd share some pics of our floral bliss. Here are some Blue Flags and our unruly Climatis:

Here is my favorite of our 4 Climatis bushes (mind you, only 2 of them have flowered so far, but this is SO FAR my favorite). Just look at that color!

This is a strange Peony bush, it grows both pink and white blooms:

Another of our Peony bushy, this was such a perfect bloom, I couldn't resist!

And here is a picture of a bloom on my unruly Climatis bush, such a nice white, with a touch of purple:

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