Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Getting ready for the pitter patter...

...of little PAWS!!!

B and I broke down and started looking for a new addition to our family...a dog (awww). We both knew that we'd be taking this step in a matter of months of getting married, since I just can't go for too long without a furry friend. Well, I've been without a furry friend for 3 months now and I'm hankering for a little wet nose to be running around and that clickity-click of the paws across the tile floor.

So, we officially started looking for a dog this weekend. We accidentally found a purebred that we both thought was so sweet but we would much rather adopt from a rescue. We're just leary about the type of mix we might get with the rescue since when I was looking previously, most of the puppies were lab/pitbull mix (no Pit please!) Today I looked some more and found a few very sweet looking puppies for adoption and put in a request for an appointment to meet them in person. There is one in particular that we like the looks of but, personality speaks volumes so, we'll see.

We're looking to get a young, female lab mix. I prefer a more yellow or brown dog, but we'll get whichever ones is "the one". We're hoping that we'll have a new addition within the next month. We have a little work to do around the house to get ready for the little girl but I'm just tickled that we've taken the first steps!

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kitten.mom said...

Can't wait to see pictures when you all adopt one. (-: