Monday, May 26, 2008

It's official!

Woohoo..."B" and I are now officially engaged!
As my friends & family know, we recently surpassed the 3 years dating mark have been talking engagement/marriage/ring for a while now. So, as of noon time on Sunday, May 25th, "B" got down on 1 knee, shared his sentiments, and proposed to me. We both got a little teary-eyed (something I wasn't sure would happen since it wasn't a surprise, but he was just SO sweet). And I accepted! I'm grateful for "B"s concern that I should absolutely love my ring and his insistence that I should choose the ring I want. We ended up doing a lot of shopping, he had input, and we did A LOT of research on diamonds...a step that I highly recommend! In the end, we got a fantastic ring that fits me perfectly, in size, style, and personality. We both think so."B's" family has been impatient for this announcement, so "B" decided to have a little fun with it. On Sunday we went to a BBQ at his sister's house. I put the ring on the other hand and turned the diamond inward...because you know where they were going to look first!!! Then, when everyone got settled, I put it on my left hand to see how long it would take before anyone noticed. It took awhile but, when everyone found out the questions and excitement started to fly and "B" was so proud of himself that he fooled his family. :-)
At this point, I must give all thanks and praise to God for His faithfulness, even through my impatience. I can see some of the things God has been doing in "B" and I to fine-tune us and prepare us for marriage and for a lifetime with each other. But I guess it's always easier to see these things after the fact. Not so easy to see while your in the midst.


Dirkey said...

Oh my gosh I am soooo happy for you!!!!! Yeah!!!!!! :)
I told the hubs after we were married that if I knew it would be this good I would have waited ten more years for it. Seriously though, that is the worst wait when you know its coming but you don't know when!! I'm so happy that you are through with the waiting part and into the planning so fun :)

mama k said...


The ring is beautiful.

squeeeeeeeeal! said...

Congrats Mel!!!It looks beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see it in person. (-: Have a blast planning your wedding!!!!

Qtpies7 said...

Congratulations! God's timing is always truly perfect. I am trying to teach my kids that, especially in regards to marraige.