Friday, May 23, 2008

Frugal Friday - Something Intangible


When you think of being "frugal", what do you immediately think of? Right, $$$$ (cha-ching!) As my life gets more hectic with about a million things going on (okay a slight exaggeration, but that's what it feels like), I keep thinking about how I can be more frugal with my TIME. I haven't always been a good steward of my time, spending it watching TV, playing computer games, or just doing non-productive stuff. Now that I'm working long days at work including a long commute, house hunting, taking care of a foster kitty, etc, life is getting more busy and I find that when I don't use my time wisely, I feel frantic.

So, my Frugal Friday tip this week is about time. How can I make myself more productive (other than making about 3 clones of myself, that is)? The first step is to identify personal "time-wasters". That will likely be different for everyone, though we may all have some in common. Mine are as I've just mentioned: (1) too much TV time; (2) too many computer games; (3) not doing other other things when I'm on the telephone; (4) being inefficient with how I run errands. I'm sure there are others, but these are the ones I can think of off the top of my head.

Next step is to determine a plan of action for how to minimize personal "time-wasters". I'm not saying cut them out completely as, just like food, that can cause a compulsion to "binge". My plan of action for each is as follows: (1) gradually reduce TV time time and computer games; (2) be productive while on the telephone (e.g. wash dishes, iron clothes, clean the toilet, the possibilities are endless); and (3) write down my errands each week and determine what I can group together to be more efficient.

So, that's my plan. What's yours? Oh, added bonus: depending on what your time-wasters are and your plan of action, you may find that you end up being more financially and environmentally frugal as well. Example: by combining errands, I can save gas and a little less pollution; by watching less TV, I can reduce electricity consumption.

Don't forget to check out Dirkey's blog for all the other Frugal Friday tips! I hope everyone has a fantastic and relaxing holiday weekend (in the U.S., that is :)

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Dirkey said...

Ohh good one!
Its horrible when you have a ton to do and sit down to a "timewaster" then look up and the whole evening is gone!