Friday, May 9, 2008

1 down, 9 to go

I've lost 1 lb since Friday, May 2nd. It's not much but it is one step closer to my goal to lose 10 lbs (or 1 dress size) by mid-June. So how did I do on the weekly goals? Here's the tally:

The good:
  • Walked 4 days for total of 2 hrs, 40 minutes
  • Ate LOTS more fruits and vegies, vegies being a huge feat for me. I ate salads for lunch M-F and kept it interesting by varying the kind of salad.
  • Only ate a couple bite-sized candies through the entire week, but see the "ugly" below.

The bad:

  • Only did abs and arms 2x this week (yikes)
  • Didn't do any resistance exercises (double yikes)

The ugly:

  • Even though I did well with the bite sized candies, I ate 3 homemade chocalate chip cookies today...bad, bad, bad!!!! I had no self-control, they just looked too good.

All in all, with the exception of the cookie-fest today, I have exercised more self-control, will power, and improved eating habits than in most of my life. If I can keep this up and improve on the resistance and toning exercises I think I'll be in line to meet my goal.

1 comment: said...

Great Job Mel! (-: It will come off. Its been a long time I've been at my 20 lb goal and I'm not halfway there yet. (-: But Congradulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (-: