Thursday, August 7, 2008

Car update

I just got the call from the shop where my car is at and, although it's going to certainly be a blow to the pocketbook, the problem was nothing too major and they should be able to have all repairs done by the end of the day. I'll have to figure out a way to go get my car, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

So, in timing belt broke and I need a new water pump (~$550 for parts and labor...yikes!); there are other belts that are about to break as well so they are going to fix those while they're in there (another ~$50); and I needed a new headlight and license plate lights which I had an appointment set up for tomorrow, so I'm going to go ahead and have them do those too (~$20).

What I'm thankful for...that it was nothing where I would need to get a new car (like my engine blowing up or something); that I have a job where I can work from home and a boss that is completely understanding and supportive; but most of all, that I know that God will provide both the means to get my car back and the funds to replenish my emergency fund. And, I'm just so grateful that, in 12 years of have my own car(s), this is the first time that my car has flat out broken down in the middle of the road. I have only had one other time that my car didn't start and it was probably because it was too cold and there was water in the gas. I think that's a pretty good track record (especially since my car has over 125,500 miles on it.

I'm looking forward to having my wheels back!!!

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mama k said...

That is such a crazy story! So glad you are safe.