Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wedding Plans - Update #4

Well, it's been a couple weeks since I've posted an update on the planning, not because there hasn't been any progress, but because of my work schedule and the holiday weekend (which seems a million miles away at this point!) So here are the updates for the week:

Guest List:
I have to give props to the "B" man. He gave me his list a few weeks ago, so we've had a consolidated list for awhile. Both of us pared down a few names at the beginning so we really don't need to do so at this point. I read a great tip for estimating a percentage who will actually attend instead of the random flat percentages you hear that vary about 20 points. This method is to assess your OWN probably percentage for each individual and calculate the cost as a percentage of the per head based on the probability. It's actually quite clever and makes much more sense than a random guess.

My bridesmaids and I are all going out this Saturday for me to try on bridal gowns. I have a pretty good idea of the "tone" of my dress but have been frustrated that I can't find a single store in the area that carries 2 dresses that I fell in love with on a designer's site. Yesterday I emailed the designer's consumer service to find out if there's a way for me to locate a store with the 2 dresses so I can try them on, but I haven't heard back yet. We'll see. I'm ready to try on dresses on Saturday and am actually getting excited. Still a little nervous about fit because I'm short and curvy...what a lovely combination. I'm obviously expecting alterations, I just hope that I can visualize the dresses.

Other "stuff":
I've started researching some photographers and florists and will probably start calling around next week. I've expanded my color palette a little to make it clearly spring and it will also give the florist a good idea of the color of flowers I want for the girls. In order to actually show people my colors, I went to Wal-Mart and picked through their paint swatches, picking the approximate colors that I want. I'm LOVING the combination.

Engagement Photos:
Oh, and don't let me forget the engagement photos. "B" and I are getting our photos taken next weekend. Once we get those back, we will be getting the "save-the-date" cards out in the mail.

A little anecdote to leave you with:
I was at Party City the other day looking at invitations and there was a couple there also looking at invitations. They were having some difficulty agreeing on a style and pricing seemed to be an issue, so I mentioned to the bride that there are DIY invitations that you can buy much cheaper than the printed. She said they don't have time to print their own because they need to get the invitations out the door. They are getting married in OCTOBER!!! Wow! It may be a bit painful for me some days as I stay up late at night doing my research and planning, but I think it will pay off in the end...I pretty much on target with what you're "supposed" to do by certain dates. I just can't imagine being in this couple's shoes and I could tell they were both stressed. Not to mention that their 2 kids were running around the store playing with all they stuff while they are looking at invitations. Wowee!

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