Friday, June 27, 2008

Wedding Plans - Update #3

While work is still unbelievably crazy, I have found some relief this week in having made significant progress in solidifying some of the wedding plans.

Ceremony site:

We've pretty much selected a church and are going to visit this Saturday to check it out. The church is available and the pastor is very accomodating to our having the wedding on Sunday afternoon, so I think this is a winner!

Reception site:

The reception site and room are "booked". I'm waiting to receive the contract and should have everything set within a couple weeks. I'm pretty impressed with how reasonable the site and site coordinator are. I called with a bunch of additional questions a little over a week ago and the site coordinator was ready with all the answers, which ended up solidifying my desire to go with this site.

Next up? Gown shopping! I have mixed feelings about this venture. I'm kind of excited, but am dreading it also. I definitely need to lose some inches around the waistline and upper arms, so I'm worried I won't look good in anything. I would like to just be able to relax and have fun with it, but I don't typically enjoy trying on clothes anyways. I'll have to work on getting in the mindset and who knows...maybe it will all be a hoot:)

I will also now start researching some of the smaller things like flowers, photographer, etc. Wow...there is just SO much to think about, but I feel tremendous relief that the reception and ceremony sites (what I think are the biggest aspects) are pretty much set.


mama k said...

Definitely start thinking about your favorite outfits. What do they have in common? Halter top? A-line shape? Is it important to you to be able to wear a certain type of bra? Stuff like that.
Also, do you want a crisp white or would a softer white be more flattering? If you go with silk they tend to be softer whites than say satin.
You can start scoping out dresses on line that meet your criteria and hopefully have a better idea when you actually go to the stores. Less overwhelming if you go into the store with a pretty good idea of what you like so you can convey that to the sales person who will be assisting you. said...

I have to agree with MamaK. You know already what styles look good on you on top. (it definitely helps when picking the dress because most look the same on the bottom (for the most part)

I'm sure you will have a great time shopping. Plus the samples are always not what you expect the final one to look like anyway.