Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Wedding Plans - Update #2

I only have a couple updates this week:

Still haven't settled on a site quite yet. I saw another site on Saturday, which I really liked, but I think the price is slightly high and they don't seem to be real keen on helping to bring the price down much. I have a few more questions to ask another site that we visited a couple weeks ago and I may want to visit that one again. I also have an appointment to meet with 1 last site (the NJ site) on Thursday night. I'm still hoping to make a choice before I head to FL on the 19th.

Guest List:
"B" gave me his guest list this weekend and I consolidated the 2 lists. We have a little paring down to do, but not too much. We do have a surprising number of children on the list! I guess that happens when you get married a little later:)

I think we're settled on the colors. "B" wasn't completely sold, but that's because I hadn't clearly indicated my vision. He said he needed to see some pictures and, as I looked for pictures, it became clear that he just couldn't envision how the girls' dresses would look in the colors. That's when I clarified that the girls dresses will be just 1 of the colors, not both. Well, I think he's jumped on board with the colors...red and yellow. Not my original choice for colors, but definitely more "Spring-like", so it's probably a better choice.

Other Stuff:
A woman I work with is a wedding singer on the side and she's going to hook me up with the good bridal shows that will be coming up in the summer. She'll be letting me know which ones are worth going to. I think that might help me with a few things, like the flowers, getting more ideas, DJ (though I already have 1 in mind, but need to do due diligence).

That's it for now. And, in response to MamaK and Kitten.mom's comments last week to help, you can bet I'll be asking you both for your creative expertise. You are both awesome at the creative stuff so I can definitely use your help. :)

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