Monday, June 2, 2008

Planning for our shindig - #1

Since my immediate family lives 3000 miles away and can't share in the day-to-day progress of planning for "B" and my wedding day, I decided that I'll post any relevant updates once a week. So, here's where we are today:

We're mostly looking in the Lancaster/Reading, PA area, but we also are checking out 1 facility in uncle's church and a lovely restaurant down the road from it for the reception. The church is very old and has a lot of charm, as does the reception site, so I'm going to work to schedule an appointment this week sometime. I have an appointment to visit a site in Reading this coming Saturday. We're hoping to book a place within the next couple weeks.

My uncle is a pastor (of the church mentioned above). We went to his church yesterday and then to lunch and he accepted our request for him to conduct the ceremony. It will make the day just that much more special:)And, was a special service at their church. They had a great opera singer (Paul Pitts) give a concert and share. I heard him sing and visited with him several years ago, but I was excited when he joined us for lunch...such a great man, and SO funny!!!

I've simply been looking at what I like on line at this point. I probably won't go out to the stores to try on anything until early July, though. My aunt (and Matron-of-Honor) has a busy June, as do I with trying to get a reception site booked.

Engagement photos:
I wasn't planning on getting engagement photos, but a friend at work who also photographs weddings on the weekends (can you say CRAZY!!!), has offered to take engagement photos for me as practice for herself. So now we're working on figuring out when and where.

That's the main activities from this past week. I'm doing a lot of other little pieces of research as well. But, of course, I can't give everything away on the blog...have to leave some of the details a mystery;-)

3 comments: said...

Sounds like you have everything in the works. ( which is totally great and totally you. All organized) (-: I'm so glad your aunt is your Matron of Honor(I forgot to look at the spelling) It is so fitting and your cousins I"m sure are wondering what part they can play in all this. (-: I'm so excited for ya.
My hubby and I didn't have engagement photo's done either. We just had a friend take some at the beach. Sometimes they can be pricey if they are professionally done. Plus the main event is the most important and what you will remember for ever.

mama k said...

Sounds like you are on your way! Let me know if you need help with anything. said...

ditto to what mamak said too!! Any craftiness going on or anything else just let me know