Friday, May 16, 2008

Weekly Weigh In

I'm a little bummed that I didn't lose anything more this week. I still have 9 lbs to go to meet my goal of 10 by June 15. My weekly update is about the same as last week (except no cookie binge this week), so I really need to work on those areas I'm struggling with, which are:
  1. Exercise abs and arms 6 days a week: I only did this once this week. I WILL do better next week!!!
  2. Resistence exercises at least 2 days a week: I have a program that has worked fabulously in the past, but I've been struggling to be motivated to exercise in the evenings (long work days and all!) I think if I could get into this habit, I will see the best results.
  3. No more than one bite sized candy per day: I caved on this a bit this week...lots of chocolate cravings, so I think I had ~2-3 a day.!!!
I'm still doing great in the following areas:
  1. Walk (briskly) at least 3 days/wk (total of at least 2-1/2 hrs/wk): Exceeded this goal this week, despite having a few rainy days, like today (yuck!).
  2. Eat more fruits and vegies: I'm still eating LOTS more fruits and vegies. Ate salad for lunch all but one day this week but, I gotta say...I'm getting tired of salad. I need to get creative in how to get my raw vegies in without eating a salad. Any suggestions?

I'm hoping for some better results next week and am committed to meet more than just 2 of my weekly goals.

2 comments: said...

keep up the good work. I maintained this week too. )-: I also have been sick so I'm hoping next week will be better for me.(-:

mama k said...

dude. smoothies.
They are my new best friend.
I am not a salad fan either.

Here's the secret ingredient... baby spinach. You seriously do not taste it and it's a great way to get your greens in first thing of the day. You can start out with just a handful of it and try adding more if you like.

I blend up 2-3 bananas, about a cup of frozen blueberries (or mangos etc.) with some apple juice to help it blend on "chop". Then I put in the greens and turn up the speed to "puree" till it's all creamy. If you want it sweeter, you can put in some molasses (extra iron) or honey or agave (low glycemic index). Sometimes I put in a little shredded coconut too. I make a big batch in the morning for breakfast and then save one in the fridge for a mid-morning snack.

A word of warning, if you mix green + red (strawberries) you will get brown. Still tastes good, but not the prettiest.