Monday, April 21, 2008

Time to get a new cat!

So, Copper has been gone for just 2 weeks feels like it's been forever (sniff). I've lived in my apartment for over 7 years and the only vermin problems I've had are bees and stink bugs...until now. I came home Sunday to find mouse droppings on my counter (YUCK!!!)

I bought some old fashioned traps and my boyfriend kindly set one with some yummy PB bait (choosey mice choose Jif...LOL). We went to dinner and when we walked in the house, heard the trap snap and, sure enough we got a little Mickey. So, just in case Mickey had a mate, we set another trap and my boyfriend headed home. This morning I checked and there were more mouse droppings (again, YUCK!) and the trap was licked CLEAN...not a spec of peanut butter left...and no dead mouse. This is what the trap looked like after PB, round 1...
So, I re-baited the trap and still haven't gotten the little thing, even though PB, round 2 is nearly gone! Hmmm, me thinks the little guy is getting way too comfortable. I think I'll try some cheese next.
I'm wondering if perhaps the mice plotted against my cats? I don't think it's a coincidence that less than 2 weeks after my house is cat-less I have a mouse problem. I guess it's time to get another cat...only this time I'm going to foster, since the boyfriend is allergic.

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